The Axis of Creativity

Eight Petals indicates the 8 lotus petals on the Saraswatiyantra, a place for artists and students to sit and meditate to be blessed by the lord of creativity. These Eight Petals are formed of the eight different qualities of an artist’s work. We aim to be a veritable Saraswatiyantra for all those in need of a creative solution.

We are not just a design agency or an event firm or a production house. Eight Petals at the grassroots level is a wide network of artists and creative individuals working together with the intention of doing business the creative way. We are all of the above rolled into one.

We associate with a variety of artists from designers, painters, architects, sculptors, photographers, musicians, cinematographers, writers and more with the intention of sourcing out work for them and ensuring that we provide the best services to our clients for the most competitive prices.

Brand Promise

We are a team of doers who believe in learning and updating ourselves every step of the way. We believe that every day spent in ideation and creation is only going to add to our knowledge base and in-turn help us give back to our collaborators: You, our clients. We strongly believe that integrity is the most important thing a business should focus on, in order to flourish and provide the best services day-in and day-out. We believe that mistakes happen, but giving every attempt a 100%, assures we can bounce back faster than we fell down.

We believe in delivering the best. Always.

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